Sam Ardern on Running His Own Animation and Content Studio

We’ve got Sam Ardern from OnePost Media talking about his experience as the owner operator of a small animation and video production studio in Wellington, NZ. Sam’s experience moving from the corporate world into his own business is inspiring, and he has some great advice for other businesses who need to hire voice over actors.

How did you get into the video production game?

Sam: I started out back in 2004 as a tape operator at Prime Television. Basically, I just recorded the David Letterman show onto tape. From there I worked my way into TV3 News, and then changed course with a role at a large advertising agency. I had enough of that, so I went out on my own. I founded Onepost Media in 2014, and business has grown from there.

How did you come across Bigmouth Voices?

I think I first discovered BigMouth in 2014, when I started the company and was looking all over Google for a voice agency based in NZ.

For me it’s all about quality. I’ve used other voice agencies before and it can be a real hit and miss. I find the BigMouth selection really great and the artists are professional. (A real bonus in this business!) It’s nice and simple for me to go through the ordering system once I’ve found a voice I like.

What information do you like to give to voices when they are about to record a VO for you?

I listen to the voice demos carefully before I hire, so I usually just ask them to copy a particular tone from their demo. Sometimes our clients give us specific instructions and we pass those on, but usually it’s just something like “fun and informative.”

What is your favourite part about being a content creator?

I love doing my own thing and making people happy by delivering quick turnarounds with high quality.

What advice would you give to yourself when you first started out as a content creator?

Organise your jobs in a platform. Even if it’s just Excel. Keeping your finger on the pulse of work coming in/going out is really important. 

I also believe it’s vital (especially in the early days of a content business) to under promise and over deliver. This sets you up for a good network of clients in the future and establishes you as a brand to trust. 

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Sam!

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