Top Tips For A Great Audition

Make sure your audition is as technically proficient as possible - even if all you can record on is your phone

- you want to have good gain on your recording set up. If you’re quieter than the other auditions you’ll straight away come across as less professional
- make sure you’ve got the space as sound treated as possible - too often I hear bad reverb from the recording space on auditions. You want to be surrounded by cushions, under duvets, clothes in the wardrobe, blankets over ironing boards, acoustic foam
- use a pop filter and position the way you are speaking into the recording equipment so there are no spits, pops and crackles
- stay well hydrated so your voice is clean

- slate at the end so that we can get straight into listening to your audition. This helps when the client are comparing a number of auditions and they can get straight into the nitty gritty
- the naming convention. This REALLY helps me as the agent if I’m having to download the auditions, then sort and send to the client by email. Keep it short and simple

 ie charactername_yourname_youragent

- give options (three is good - your first instinctive read, then one more upbeat, and another less upbeat). This allows the client to hear that you’ve got range and will be good at taking direction
- do something to get into the zone before you to do the audition. If it’s a relaxed read take a couple of good deep breaths. If it’s an upbeat read have a jump around, do a couple of ‘yehaa’s or whatever gets you going

Have fun
Keep learning
Don’t give up

This all takes time and the more auditions you do the more you are improving your craft.