What Types of Clients Come Through BigMouth?

As part of BigMouth Voices you’re probably wondering what kinds of clients you’ll be working for and how you’ll be working with those clients. It always helps to know what to expect in advance so you can prepare yourself. 

We’ve set things up to look after two different types of clients - we call these the Commercial Client and the Everyday Client. The process is slightly different for each. Find out more about what to expect below:

Working with the Commercial Client

Our Commercial Client comes to us with traditional voice over work – mainly tvcs, online commercial spots, radio ads, phone messaging systems etc. Often these are large marketing/advertising agencies or corporations with a variety of different needs.

This is how the process works:

  • The producer approaches BigMouth with either a brief requesting submissions or a request for a specific voice
  • BigMouth suggests voices and the client makes a choice. If you’re one of the voices chosen we’ll create a booking with you
  • As the voice for a Commercial Client project, you’ll attend the creative session and often someone from the client and/or agency will attend to help direct the session
  • You do your VO magic
  • BigMouth invoices the Commercial Client upon completion of the job. Our payment terms are the 20th of the following month (but not all clients pay on time)
  • Once the invoice has been paid to BigMouth you’ll receive your payment as long as you have all your payment details correct

Working with the Everyday Client

We built the online booking platform for these Everyday Clients. They are clients that need a VO but often aren’t really sure how to find one! These are the clients with exciting projects that require a professional voice over, but often they have no experience in this area and don’t even know where to begin searching for a VO artist. 

These clients have all sorts of projects – presentations, explainer videos, YouTube videos, animated movies, Kickstarter projects, game voices. You’ll get some really fun and creative projects through our Everyday Clients.

Here’s how the process works with an Everyday Client:

  • The client searches for voices online. They find our website and shortlist candidates
  • They can check your availability and request an audition
  • When you reply to these requests the clients receives all this information directly through the BigMouth platform (it doesn’t come through me). However, I’m here every step of the process if you or the client need any help
  • If you’re providing an audition, remember to make sure it’s saved as an mp3 before uploading it
  • The client can view the progress of the job at any stage so the sooner you can get your audition in the better :)
  • The client selects their voice, adds any notes, uploads the final script and confirms the job
  • Now it’s your time to shine. Record the VO and upload it via the platform. You can upload as many files as required, but you do need to make sure you provide at least one version of the VO as an mp3 (this is what the client will listen to and approve before being able to download all the files)
  • If you don’t have your own studio I can help you organise one
  • Once the VO is approved by the client they pay BigMouth
  • Once the payment has been received by BigMouth you’ll see your payment within 7 days as long as you have your payment details correct

We’re lucky to have a huge range of clients come to us for voice overs – from the big corporate entities to freelance game designers. You’ll get a range of different jobs from both Commercial and Everyday Clients. No two voice overs will be the same and no two jobs will be the same :)

Have fun!