Margaret Ashley

Adult, Mature Adult
Has Own Studio

An award winning, multi nominated British Voice over artist with a professional home studio. My voice is an assured voice of maturity, gravitas, experience and authority. Perfect for inspiring trust in the listener. Originally from the North East of England which makes me a Northener and a Geordie, I can still do the accent, however my natural speaking voice is RP. I am also a professional trained actress and 40 years experience. Based in the UK based I have easy access to London studios and those in Brighton. Recent work includes several video games including A Plagues Tale Requiem, Disco Elysium -The Final Cut, Bloody Mary in Burntwood Lane, the Narrator in Aces and Adventurers and a documentary on Sarah Ferguson. Audio dramas include Doctor Who for Big Finish Productions, The Architecht in The Grey Rooms, several museum guides, radio and tv ads and some corporate and explainer videos. see my website for more of my work. You may also have seen me on television in such series as Coronation Street, London's Burning, The Bill a nd a few others.

Location: London, UK




character - british accent
character - welsh accent
northern accented english
rp accented english

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