Paul Herzberg

Has Own Studio

I have been a professional Voice Over and Voice Actor for 30 years and have a wealth of experience across all genres. This includes national and global ads for TV, online, film and radio: Drover, Stiltz, FXPro, E-Toro, Nestea, Kia, etc. I have voiced dozens of high end documentaries for National Geographic, the BBC, Discovery Channel and many in-house and promotional videos. I'm an experienced gamer, and recently took a lead role in Divinity 2, Rage Quean, Warframe, El Portal as well as several games for Side, including Citadel. I was "Lazarus" the villain, in the iconic Autodestruct for Playstation. I have done dozens of audiobooks. In addition to dubbing and ADR, I have a vast range of accents and vocal types I can call upon if needed. Voice work is a special skill, and I relish using this one instrument to evoke the right emotion and response and help my clients access their target base as effectively as possible.

Location: London, UK

Voice Filters:

audio book
cinema trailer
medical narration
real reel
voice of god